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vr ready! are you?

hoverderby: the fastest game in sansar


What is HoverDerby? 

Developed by Galen, designed by Jasmine and hosted by Draxtor, HoverDerby is possibly the first but definitely the most fun team sport in the social VR universe of Sansar.

Gameday is every Sunday at 11am PDT.

We have a prize pool for the top players in two categories, we have trophies and VIP parties, not to mention rights to brag that you participated in the coolest thing in social VR.

Come attend our Monday - Friday practice sessions at 9:00am PDT at the HoverDerby experience.

If you have an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, you'll love this game. If you don't, you can be  play and love it just the same!



want to be part of the league? Ping Us!


Hours of operation (PST)

Training: Mon - Fri:

  • 9am-10am
  • 5pm-6pm

Game day:

  • SUNDAY 11am
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Join us Mondays through Fridays starting at 9:00am or 5pm PST for training and practice sessions. Make friends and start crafting your own teams. Gameday is every Sunday at 11am PST.

We are planning a very special first game day for sometime in April. There will be live streaming, background interviews with the stars of the game, a special prize pool and the opportunity to help us expand our league system.

HoverDerby is welcoming inquiries about collaborating with the design of additional branded assets. Please use the form on this site to get in touch or approach us in Sansar.