Yep. We all love simple and don't really want to hear that there are rules to follow. Don't worry. These are pretty simple and mostly painless.

How to play

Come to the HoverDerby experience any time. You can play Shakes, our battle bot, by yourself or bring friends to practice with. Play for fun or optionally log your game results to build your personal stats.

To start, step on the red or blue teleporter pad to enter the field on that team. The first person out will be offered the option to play against Shakes. To shoot at people on the other team, use your VR controllers' triggers or, if you are in desktop mode, use the spacebar to fire once or the "F" key to toggle auto-fire on or off. Use the same skills you have for walking and running to control the direction and speed of the "capsule" you ride on. If you are in desktop mode, try using the F3 button to toggle between first and third person view to see which you are more comfortable with.

To exit the field, you can hit the "1" key on the top of your keyboard (not on the numeric keypad on the right).

When you get shot by an opponent, you become a "captive". You can still move around but can't shoot. Head toward a "safety zone" that has the same color as your team and you will be "freed" to continue shooting. You earn points for your team by capturing opponents.

How to play a game

When you first enter the field you are in "practice mode". Hit the "4" key on the top of your keyboard to start a game. You can hit the "5" key during the game to stop it and send everyone off the field.

One you start a game, the clock starts counting down from 5 minutes. If one team reaches 25 points (captures) before the clock is up, the game ends with an outright win. If the clock reaches zero, the team with the higher score wins. In either case, the win must be by at least two points (e.g., 26 to 24), If the clock reaches zero and neither team has a two point lead, the game goes into overtime and continues until one team is ahead by two points.

Once a game is completed, be sure to click the big, ugly web link next to "Submit it:" in the chat history. That will log it to our database and put it on the leader board.

How to play in a tournament

We are still evolving toward a proper tournament structure. Currently, a tournament consists of several games played during one of our weekly game days, which happen on Sundays at 11am PST. We are currently favoring pre-formed teams of two players. Loose players can team up on game day in ad hoc teams, at least through April 22nd. After that you must be on a team formed in advance. To qualify as an individual player you must have attended at least one practice and played several times against our regulars. There are no other qualifications for teams at present.


On game day we use the leader board to select our two individual winners. Our first prize goes to the most "aggressive" player, which is whoever has the highest average number of captures per game in games played that session. Our second prize goes to the most "balanced" player, which is computed by dividing the total number of times a player made captures by the number of times they were themselves captured. This favors players who are good at making captures yet careful enough to avoid capture. For both categories, players must have played at least one game during the game-day session to qualify. If not, the next person down the list is selected. If the most balanced player is also the most aggressive player, the next person down the balanced list is chosen.

In the near future we will be awarding prizes to teams instead of individuals and flesh out our team-oriented tournament structure.