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If you are planning to feature us in your blog or other media, please feel free to email us at We would be happy to clarify details, do interviews, etc. We are finding that an alarming number of casual bloggers are unintentionally spreading incorrect information about HoverDerby. We would be happy to fact-check your statements, among other things.


Here are some prefab summaries you can use in describing HoverDerby. Let's start with a brief one describing the object of the game:

HoverDerby is a fast-paced team sport in Sansar. Players shoot at the opposing team hoping to capture them and add points to their score. When captured, a player must get to their team's safety zone to free themselves up to continue shooting. The most basic way to win is to have your team get to 25 captures first. Although it's made to be played with VR gear, you can also play it in desktop mode.

Here's a very short big-picture blurb:

HoverDerby is Sansar's very first team sport and one of the first generation virtual reality MOBAs. It's like rugby, dodgeball, laser tag, and Doom all got together and had a baby.

Here's a more long-winded summary:

HoverDerby is a MOBA in Sansar where people shoot at each other to capture them, tag-style. The game was created by three of its residents, not by Linden Lab itself. Games are played between two teams of 1 - 5 players each, with each player shooting at the opposing team in an attempt to capture them. Each capture adds to their score. Once captured, a player can't shoot until they are freed up by reaching one of their team's safety zones. The teams are trying to hit 25 captures before the 5 minute timer is up. If they don't reach it, the team with the higher score wins, or overtime begins until there is a tie-breaker. In any case, the win must be by at least 2 points (e.g., 26 to 24). If 5 minutes sounds short for a game, ask players and they'll tell you it feels like an eternity when you're racing around at high speed out there, even if you're only playing in desktop mode. But strap on an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift and you're going to get a heck of a workout.


If you would like stock photos to include in your blogs, etc., you can find many by us and submitted by the HoverDerby community at our Flickr page ( Please be sure to credit whoever submitted the photo and point people to our main webpage,